<3 Searching for friends from all over the world <3


Heyho! Hope you’re all doing good. 

I’m Steven and so far I’m 21 (damn, getting older every year) and I’m bi/pan.
Currently living in Austria (no, not Australia ^^)

I don’t really give much attention to all that gender-stuff, in my opinion it is an old and stupid construct in a modern society. Be an apache helicopter if you want, who cares 😉

I love pretty much everything and everyone, know matter how they look or how crazy they are. And if there is anything I’m not interested NOW – I surely can get later. You never know what your future brings, so I’m open to everything new.
Love listening to music, play video games, have reeally² long and nice conversation through nights and spenting time with someone. And I’m interested into politics,  but these days this is kinda depressing I guess.

If you want to talk about anything you want (hobbies, dreams, future,past, problems etc. pp.) feel free to hit me up and talk to me, I’m always happy to listen and to share!

Sorry for not wanting to post my tumblr, I kinda want to keep it privat to friends only and specific people.
But I would be very happy if you get in touch with me on:

kik: Mysterie_1
Discord: Mysterie

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