Sup 🤘🏻


Name: Scarlett

Age: just turn 21 in December

Language(s): I speak English and Spanish

Location: US (California)

Interests: all kinds of music, (I listen to rock music most though but my music taste might surprise you 😬) I’m also open to listening to anything new 🙂. I love reading and that consists or mainly anything from new adult, teen fiction, fantasy, and supernatural. I can be the most talkative person you’ll ever me yet I can also be the most quietly shy person you know. I like to watch anime, I’ve already watched a couple of shows 😊 uh my favorite tv shows are sons of anarchy (though I still haven’t finished it😭), the vampire diaries, shameless (Mickey and Ian are goal), that 70s show, oh and I also love watching cartoons 👀😂. I also tend to cuss a lot 🙃

Likes (in a friend): Someone who likes to FaceTime(if. It that’s okay🙂), can talk throughout the day but if its not possible i understand c:, someone who I can be weird with, share music, and have deep conversations with. Positive vibes 🤘🏻(no matter what gender, race or sexuality you are, you’re always welcome! We’re all the same and we’re all equal🤘🏻)

Dislikes (in a friend): Someone who’s rude, close minded, no Racism, sexism, homophobia, or anything negative.

Age Range Preference: 19-24 preferably but anyone is welcome 😬
How to Contact Me:
Tumblr: @maddscarr (I think?)
Instagram: @madd_scarr
Kik: @scarberry_rex
(You can also ask for my snapchat😊)

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