Hi there, I’m Kaitlin (Kaitie, or Kai)

I am 25 and live in Australia. I’ve always loved writing, and having penpals, but this time around I am looking for something a little different. Among my many other interests and hobbies, I am an artist. After taking a step back from the creative part of my world, I am now heading down a new path and finding my creativity again. Apart from also enjoying photography and craft work, I have been spending a lot of time remembering my style and hopefully progressing it, too. When I draw my personal creations, they tend to be in a dark art style (mixed media) – but by no means are they dark in meaning or symbolism – it’s just a rut I got stuck in! I use art as a way of expression and healing, as mental illness has long been a part of my life.
Anyway, coming to the point of my submission, I’d like to gain a penpal who is also an artist (in any medium), so that we can send each other our creations/images of, and talk about the stories behind them, the inspirations we find, the ideas we have, see each other progress and grow as artists, and so on, and so forth. 
I think it would be a positive experience of sharing art in such a manner, and something more curious and exciting to immerse ourselves further in the artistic world rather than the usual life-sharing penpal kind of thing (not that that wouldn’t be welcome also). My preferences would be someone over the age of 20 and English speaking/writing ( I only speak English!) Other than that I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

DaughterofCrowes,tumblr.com  / noir-obscura@live.com.au

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