Saskia, 19 years old, Denmark.

Why hello! I suck at selfies, hence the picture (I was trying to be artistic.. Also, new vintage camera, I was pretty excited). Suppose I should say a few things about myself, well, I find myself rather ordinary. Currently, I study English at the university. I have a lot of interests, all of which I tend to neglect from time to time. Among them, just to name a few, is storytelling (in all shapes and sizes), music, videogames, art, travelling, and cooking (whenever I get the chance). Perhaps, saying that people is an interest of mine is a bit odd, but it is, sort of. And coffee, sweet goodness, let’s not forget coffee.

Communication in other languages shouldn’t be a problem, hopefully, as I speak English almost fluently, some Spanish, and German. It would be cool to find a penpal to exchange stories and opinions with, or just have a conversation with. I’m submitting this with positvity. I do live among the happiest people in the world, after all. 

Email: salomine417@gmail.com

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