Hey! My names sophie and i am 15 years old and from austria. I like singing and music in generel (tøp, melanie martinez, ed sheeran, macklemore, eminem, one republic, billy talent,…). I like watching anime, movies and series. Also i really love reading books and manga. Nature is a big thing in my live, i love flowers and trees and water and snow omg. Also i love spending time with animals. I got a dog, three cats, fish and a few chicken. ? I am really sensitive and emotional and I love talking about deep stuff. I’d like to talk about your life and my life and problems and stuff that make you happy. I am going to a music school soon. Also i am a meme trash kid idk. Internet is my life but i also love spending time with special people and then i forget my phone for a while. I like snow and rain and thunder, and i love simple things like the moon or stars. I like thinking about life and the universe and how things can happen. I would like to send and get letters. Would be cool if you could contact me if you are interested. Here on my tumblr (between-idcandidk) or on my instagram (blind.lovex)

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