artist/musician looking for a kind pen pal


hello there !  my name is steph & i am currently an undergrad student in iowa, us who will be graduating in about a year.  

i am very passionate about music (listening to it, writing it, playing it and singing – mostly alternative/indie), writing poetry & prose, reading (i love kinfolk magazine, reading about artists/musicians [such as patti smith’s just kids] and writers like faulkner), painting with watercolors, appreciating art (satsuki shibuya’s artwork is wonderful) and nature, and being cozy.  i’m quite a thoughtful person – as in a deep thinker – and am kind & introspective.

i am looking for a pen pal or art pal – or several, even – as long as you would be committed to sending letters quite often.  sending the occasional gift(s) or mixtape would be lovely as well.  gender/race/sexual orientation, etc. does not matter.  any kind soul is welcome ?  oh – and if you speak any french that would be amazing but totally not required.  i’ve taken five years and it would be fantastic to exercise my skill and, eventually, become proficient. 

i can be reached by email at: sg.chante @ gmail. com

i hope to hear from you~ ! ?

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