Heya! I’m Maury, I’m 23, female and living in Australia!

I’ve made a few really good friends through penpal sites and I want more!

I’m a university student, studying Creative Writing, Film and Television and Children’s Literature. I love to read and write, as well as watch movies, especially Disney. I work part time as a swimming instructor, I love the water and wish I lived closer to a beach that isn’t gross.

Otherwise, I like most kinds of music, just not country or screamy nonsense, I have a massively wide love of movies and can’t name any particular favourites. I love cats and collect dolls and I’m scared of chickens and thunder. I’m also incredibly indecisive. 

I’m looking for someone around my age, any gender or location in the world, to chat to and send snail mail to. I only speak English, unfortunately.

Send me a message!

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