hey, my name is jeejee, i’m 19 years old, i’m thai, and i live in alaska, us!

i’m currently interested in animal crossing and voltron, i would call myself an artist and i would love to exchange art with fellow artists!! i also like to journal, i’m bullet journaling, which i find relaxing and very helpful for me to keep my life together^^ my favorite color is, believe it or not, brown lol but i promise i’m not boring

my dislikes are just people who don’t make the effort to keep the conversation going, the phrases “my dude” or “my guy”, and onions. there’s probably a lot more i dislike but i can’t really think of much else lol.

i’m looking for someone i can just chill and talk to i guess, i don’t want our main form of conversation to only be letters and stuff. i’m not good at consistent communication because i get overwhelmed easily and avoid doing anything, and i’m sorry about that in advance but please understand that i will try to keep in contact ^^; also i would prefer to talk to people within my age group, 17-20 please! no gender limitations!! please tell me your pronouns when you introduce yourself so that you can be more comfortable~

i mostly speak and write in english, but i can speak thai, i’m learning spanish, and i’m attempting to teach myself korean! if you speak korean it would be so helpful if you could help me lol

when we send letters back and forth, i’ll send small drawings and doodles as well because i think theyre nice 🙂 it would be awesome to exchange art once in a while~

i’m starting classes again on the 17th and i’ll be a little lonely since i don’t really like to socialize in person, i just want to have someone to talk to and maybe a new friend!!

my main tumblr is

(i have like 3 sideblogs lol if you want to know about them all just ask when we message) my IM is always open

we can exchange other social media if you want when we talk a little more

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