Hello! I’m Daniel or Dan or Danny. It’s whatever one floats your boat. Let me start with the obvious. I’m 19 and I’m in the Navy stationed in Maryland, US. I perform at high honors ceremonies, thus why I look like I’m about to fight the British.

Now for why I’m posting; I am looking for a pen pal to do some classic snail mail with someone who lives in the US. All I do is work and don’t do anything after so I’d like to add writing a letter to my daily routine My PO box only gets letters from my bank and those aren’t really nice to read.

So about boring me, I’m a simple guy. I journal every week, I always plan my weeks and set weekly goals and tasks, and budget my money REAAALLLY well. So I’m very organized and keep up with myself.

Fun me likes to journal about his life experiences and fun me likes to experience new things, like a Ski trip I took with my buddies recently. I do have other stories as well.

I recently got into gaming so if you game, at least drop that Steam name. I don’t watch TV anymore and got into reading. Also I just learned how to Ski, play Chess, and Bowl… Yeah, I don’t know why either. I do play soccer when the snow is gone and I’m about to try out for All-Navy Wrestling. I watch Game Grumps a lot and listen to Welcome To Night Vale sooo I’m hip?

MUSIC! A basic way to know me! I can listen to anything but my strongest preference is Irish or Cumbia. That shit is my jaaaaam. I can’t dance though. Terrible dancer. I do only one dance where I bring my hands to my waist and twist my waist repeatedly at about 30 degrees.

I’m awkward.

Find me!

d.munoz1944 @ yahoo. com


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