Hey! My name is Marilyn. I am a 17 year old Chicago (IL, US) kid and I would love to have some new pen pals (more specifically Snail Mail pen pal :)). I am a proud chicana, and I would just love to learn about someone else’s culture and customs. 

Here are a few things about me:

  • I love intellectuel conversations (philosophical/psychological). Honestly, any conversations that really make you think about the world around us and the importance of it all, and anything aside from small talk.
  • love music. I enjoy listening to plenty of genres but here are a few artists/bands I enjoy: chance the rapper, kendrick lamar, mos def, biggie, aerosmith, nirvana, rhcp, anderson .paak, bob marley, j cole, frank ocean, drake, jeff buckley, hendrix, joey bada$$, kaytranada, kanye, the internet, zeppelin, mac demarco, vince staples, nas, YTG, the list GOES ON…
  • love TV shows, a few being: breaking bad, oitnb, that 70s show, freaks and geeks, the walking dead, twilight zone, random ass cooking shows lol, gilmore girls… 
  • I like traveling (on the weekends, I honestly just explore the city and try new restaurants/things), journalingreading (once in a while), coffee (my love: coffee shops are the one place you will always find me), anthropology, serial killers (NO, not them themselves, but their actions interest me; gets me more into human psychology) and I love movies! like pulp fiction, inglorious basterds, breakfast club, the shining, wolf of wall street, blood in blood out, etc. 
  • What more is there to say about myself? If you’d like to get to know me, just become my pen pal 😀 

*Note: if you’re homophobic, racist, sexist or just an overall bitter person, please don’t talk to me. I like being surrounded by positive people THANKS! 

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