Hello! My name is Essie and I’m 17 (almost 18) from Illinois in the US. 

I absolutely love reading books of all kinds. Harry potter is my favorite (I’m a Hufflepuff), but am interested in most genres. 

I enjoy watching Dan and Phil and have recently seen them in Chicago.

I also enjoy watching movies. I love all genres, especially horror. 

My favorite TV shows include Dr. Who, Teen Wolf, and Stranger things and I just started watching game of thrones. 

When it comes to music, I listen to just about anything, but I am absolutely obsessed with Hamilton. 

I’m mainly looking for a snail mail penpal, but am open to email or social media penpals as well. 

I have no age or country preferences, but I only speak English and very basic Spanish. 

Email: essie.mcmahon @ gmail . com

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