Lil bean in need of snail mail pal!


Hey there folks! I’m Sara I’m 18 and a half, bisexual, and currently in the midst of my freshman year of college. I don’t get much mail where I am. Northern Kentucky. US. So you know I’m looking for a pal to send me doodles and lovely letters. And I’d hope to send you one back!

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  • Interests: well as you can tell from my writing style I’m a fuckin lamo. But I am a theatre/acting major so I love that, I love psychology, music, jokes, MEMES, storytelling (whether it’s personal, games, books, etc. ), talking to people, aesthetics/ mood boards, my boyfriend, helping people, all animals, showing people that I’m flexible, showing off in general bc I’m cocky af, just kidding I’m really lame and insecure, anyways. That’s it I think idk.
  • Music: I LOVE show tunes because I’m a lame ass theatre kid- if you hmu I can tell you shows and suggest some too! Rock/pop- specifically pop punk- or something with a good bass or beautiful lyrics. 
    • Something I can pull a cliché and blast while driving late at night
  • Movies/shows: I’m a picky person with movies. I have really spectacular suggestions though. I love to critique films and rave about them but my favorites include- The Way He Looks , Kiki’s Delivery Service, The Corpse Bride. All of those I could watch 1000 times and never get tired of it. 
  • Shows: Once Upon A Time (though I haven’t watched the latest season), Greys Anatomy, Ouran HSHC, Private Practice, Friends, In Between, BoJack Horseman, Bobs Burgers, etc.

HMU sorry that was long. Anyways I think I’m an okay person- so if you wanna be my pal and snail mail me! Just message me and we’ll get to know each other and start sending!

Ps: I am the chilliest person so you know if you think I won’t like you- you’re probably wrong. I don’t give a shit who you are or what you do/believe.
Unless you do shitty things like put people down.

Have a good day! 

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