Name: Ashton
Age: 16
Languages: English (sorry)
Personality: INFJ
Location: Canada

My interest and hobbies: Drawing (on occasion) I also like to film videos I am just in love with music almost everything except country, country sucks (no offence to country lovers). Reading is a really big thing in my life cause I don’t have Cable or Wifi so ya but I do love wanting movies especially black and white films. I’m mostly vegetarian but I still eat meat on occasion , I really enjoy look at old vintage stuff at stores when it’s not a billion below. My friends call me hipster but I don’t see it but it’s good to know.
Likes: cats, tea, food, anime

Dislikes: ignorant people, unsupported opinion, smoking, being alone for long periods of time

Tumblr: @ashamedia
Twitter: @ashomedia

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