hello yes, calling all penpals plz


I am Bryony, 22, Australian and gay (lesbian, whatever you feel like labelling it. I just love girls yknow), however would love a penpal of any age/gender/sexuality or other such diversity. 

I am currently job seeking in the youth work sector, and have a lot of time on my hands. So I would love to just talk to anyone, and I feel like I end up bothering my friends so much because I have so few people to talk to. So I really want to hear from anyone, as with anything we aren’t necessarily guaranteed to hit it off, but you never know so I don’t want to really put any limitations on what I want from a penpal. Other then someone that is interested in talking about different things, yourself, myself, the world, whatever. 

A bit more about me so you have a bit of an idea what you would be getting yourself into.. I am a Christian, however obviously I’m not one of those that are against homosexuality, i swear a fair bit and I have friends with different (or no) religious beliefs. I read a lot, in various genres non-fiction, fiction, random articles, fan fiction, whatever. I also watch a lot of tv and movies (God Bless Australia for finally getting netflix last year). I am sarcastic af, and adore memes. I also love animals, art, and food! I am also a vegan, please don’t stereotype me tho aha. And I am sure there is a lot more to me, but this post is already quite long and you will get to discover more as we talk hopefully!

Hit me up on my tumblr (@takeheartdear), I am willing to converse via email or whatever if you would prefer so just send me a message on my account with your preference and we can get chatting. I also love snapchat so I am down to have more friends on there to send snaps of all the animals i meet!

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