Hello everybody! I’m Lauren.. I’m 21 years old, I’m a soldier in the British Army and looking for a penpal to keep me company on deployment and at home! I’ve been to some amazing and not so amazing places, got a few stories to tell! But more than anything I just would love to receive some mail to brighten up my day as there is nothing worse than seeing your buddies get mail from their families and friends and sit there without any! (Obviously I love the fact that they’re getting some mail, but I hate to be left out haha) My perfect pen pal? Umm.. Just someone who’ll keep in touch often even if I haven’t replied straight away, you’d need to be patient as mail can take a while to get to me, but promise you’ll get a reply as soon as possible. Some bright colourful fun mail in my life would be a blessing and I promise to make my mail just as great back! 
You can email me if you’re interested in being a pen pal of mine and I’ll give you my address as long as you’re okay to send first! 
Thanks in advance,

Lauren  🙂

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