Hi! Im Trinidad, 21 years old, from Chile

I’m looking for a pen pal via snail mail. I’ve been looking for one before, but never really found one, so I hope that this is my chance.

I love writting, when I was 17-18 I did write some some novels hahah, but now im studying law, so I quit that. I’m good at talking about anything to be honest, but I’m really bad at talking about myself, I feel like people really doesn’t care, but maybe this is the way that I can express what I feel, so if you are looking for someone who is good at hearing (reading actually) I’m the person and if you want to know about me and my crazy world please write me.

I enjoy watching series, I’m into Got, Vampire Diaries, Scream Queens, American Horror Story (crime story too), to be honest everything from Ryan Murphy, SKAM (if you watch this please write me, yes, im begging) and many more, im open to recomendations too.

Love reading a good book, novels or something like that, Im in love with Raymond Carver and Richard Ford, now im reading Stephen King. I would love some recomendations here too.

I need some friend that likes sharing his/her life, sending photos (My uncle died so he left me his analog camera, so im practicing), stuff from their country, talking about her/his country, about life, politics and any topic to be honest. The only think that I ask is for people who isnt racist or homophobic or something hateful. I prefer people around my age (19-25) but it isnt a deal breaker. It would be nice someone from another country so I can practice my english!

Contact me: to start sending letters!! 

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