Long term snail mail penpal wanted


Hello! The name’s Angel. I’m 16 and hella cool *finger guns* 
My gender? mothman (i use they/them ) 
I live in Canada and am always kinda sad lmao (its cold as heck, im dying pls save me from freezing my toes off) 

My interests & hobbies are as follows: 
I enjoy- writing, drawing, podcasts, anime, horror movies/stories/games, just games in general, cryptids, anything of a supernatural kind (Like vampires, and ghosts), oh and aliens, aliens are really cool 
My hobbies- color guard, writing stories, drawing random crap, annoying my dog
Whats coolio to me:  Horror games, tea, angels, dogs, cats, spiders, snakes, mothman, people who ask about my ocs/stories, people telling me about their ocs/stories
Whats not coolio with me: rude people, homophobia, transphobia, racism

I would really really like to have a snail mail penpal, to send drawings and cute things back and forth! Oh and it would be really cool to learn about new places, like Korea, Germany, or Japan! 

If you think I’m interesting, you can contact me through my tumblr or email!
My tumblr- bluebird-chan
My email- lavenderheir@gmail.com

I hope we can be great friends! 😀 

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