“And the days are not full enough                                                        And the nights are not full enough                                                      And life slips by like a field mouse                                                      Not shaking the grass.”  –Ezra Pound 

I. My name is Gabriel and I am a twenty-year-old from Boston, MA (US). I’m submitting this advertisement in hopes of finding someone brilliant to write back and forth with. I know you’re out there. 

II. Likes:// Reading (Lord Byron; Norton Juster’s The Phantom Tollbooth; Arthur Rimbaud; Edgar Allan Poe); Music (Prince; The White Stripes; Syd Barrett; Frank Sinatra; The Avalanches); Writing; Recording Music; Guitar; and Poetry.

Criminally undertraveled (and hoping to fix that in the upcoming years).

III. The perfect pen pal:// anyone who is willing to commit a fair sum of their time to writing letters back and forth on a consistent basis. Preferably ages 18 and onward. Drop me a line–I would love to hear from you~~.

I can best be reached either through my Tumblr or through my Gmail (darkslippery@gmail.com). Thank you!

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