hello everyone!! my name is gabriella but i go by gabby, and i am a thirteen years old. i know that’s quite young and you may think that thirteen year olds are annoying but please, don’t let that restrict you from talking me because i guess i’m pretty friendly??

  • a little bit about me is that i live in the united states in a state called montana. it’s actually auite boring here and i hate it. the languages i know are english and a bit of spanish. i would like to learn german and russian. i’m a vegetarian, i have been for over a year, that would like to become vegan at some point. i’m a dancer, more specifically a clogger. not many know what clogging is but it’s similar to tap, okAy?
  • my interests are pretty generic. i like music, movies/tv shows, reading, and, of course, dancing.
  • my preference of music is mainly rock, though i do listen to other kinds. i like to listen to rammstein, avenged sevenfold, the 1975, panic! at the disco, fall out boy, hollywood undead, and volbeat.
  • the movies/tv shows i like are the new stark trek movies (rip anton), scream (movies and tv show), criminal minds, some marvel movies, and supernatural.

i would like a LONG TERM internet friend that is german or russian, since i would like to learn both languages. but my main concern is someone less than 20, gender does not matter, and someone who isn’t racist, homophobic, etc. i do not judge anyone’s ethnicity, sexuality, religion, etc.

if you have gotten THIS far or at least saw something that we have in common and would like to contact me (pSH, who would? i’m lame), here are the ways you can get ahold of me:

tumblr –
instagram – brookiella
snapchat – g_leer
email – jeebes07 @ gmail . com
skype – jeebes7

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