A promise


Hello there, I have never done this before. What brought me here is a love of writing, pure, unadulterated passion for words and how they can move mountains of men and desire. I once knew a friend who moved me with her words; she spoke in music, and in her words I found life. 

I apologize, I understand that it is common courtesy to start with my information: my age, geography, name, and so on. To be honest, I don’t see the point of them; they offer no promise, no potential about their owner. I can trace back the same name to two different people of contrasting levels of good and evil. Age is a number, and with all numbers it is artificial, man made to suit the diurnal nature of the stars, whereas geography is all down to the luck of the draw: nature had no hand in where you were conceived and to which family tree. Adam, 27, in Ottawa Ontario. There you have it. Make what you will of it.

Reading through other posts, I understand how eccentrically odd I tend to sound; that is my nature, nay, my nurtured self, a by product of my experiences and ideas. Life has given me many obstacles and moments that carved me into the block of words you are reading. So who am I? I write. I make music. I read. Like many others before me, I have interests, habits, and penchants. If you wish to explore it all via words, I welcome everyone and anyone. 

I am here, because of a friend who once moved me with her words. She saved my life, sadly I could not hers. I promised I would always do my best to use my words to do whatever good I can manage, as long as I am still living I shall write in hopes of moving mountains. 

Thank you.

Email: feniceattson @ gmail. com

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