Hi, guys!


Name: Christian or Chris

Age: 20 birthday is in April

Location: Mississippi (USA)


  • I love dogs, reptiles, and farm animals.
  • I have a degree in education, but I’m going back to school to school for dentistry.
  • I have 14 tattoos and 11 piercings. 
  • I watch a lot of scary movies and older tv shows. I love anime, but I’m trying to branch out to watch new ones.
  • I work at a coffee shop and sleep a lot.
  • I have a dog named Fig Newton and a bearded dragon named Hemingway.
  • I have a boyfriend of three years, but I’ve also dated girls. 
  • I’m open minded and more spiritual than religious.

Looking for:

  • Snailmail buddies (letters, pictures, packages, doodles, etc.)
  • I would absolutely love to exchange popular snacks with people from different countries!

Email buddies Christian.miller413 @ yahoo  .com
Instagram @baybeesasquatch (best way to reach me)


  • All of it.


  • Harry Potter, Steven Universe, Supernatural, Walking Dead, and probably a few others in forgetting.
  • Does RuPaul’s Drag Race count?

Random Fact:

  • I’ve only travelled to a handful of states.

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