yo buddies im here to make new friends that’s right yeee. omg no this was pretty embarrassing

my name is Agnieszka (don’t know how to pronounce it? you gotta hit me up theen HA HA HA i got ya) and I’m 17 year old girl from POLAND!

okie so i’m a pretty much nothing more than a bore (jeeez look at these rhymes are you bouncing already?) and i like to laugh. that simple. I’m an ENFJ!

MY INTEREST ARE: i want to study medicine so right now i would say it’s chemistry and biology (i’m taking exams next year pray for me ppl), also psychology is super dope (honestly i just love to observe people) and my artsy soul says beauty of this world is important as well, i.e. MAKEUP??? yes girl, i can only put splashes of foundation on my face but yeah, call me a master

WHO I AM LOOKING FOR: you know, preferably a guy since i’m so old and it’s high time to find a husband OK NO JUST KIDDING every gender and age – well, not far from mine

my email guys take it:
agnieszka.turowicz25 @ gmail. com
also i have tumblr but i’m pretty inactive nowadays so don’t expect quick response:

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