(When your best friend is a cosmetology student, you are a hair model. So it goes.)

Hannah, 20, Kentucky, USA

This part is always the hardest. Finding the balance between over-sharing and under-sharing without sounding unapproachable or catastrophically uninteresting. But, I’m a lover of conversation, those big and those small, and I think it would be cool to write someone and get all of their opinions on all of the matters involved and give them my own. As far as interests, I enjoy reading, writing, art, music (so… everyone on here, haha) vintage things, trying (and failing, usually) to cook, and coffee (I’m a barista at a coffee shop in my small town.)

I hope I’ve struck a chord with one of or a few of you and I look forward to pen-palling with you!

Instagram: achjaye
Email: rutherfordhannah@yahoo.com

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