Name: Jade
Age: 17
Location: USA (Michigan)

Looking for: internet friend and/or someone to maybe exchange snail-mail with. Gender/sexuality doesn’t matter. I’d like to talk daily, if possible.

More about me: I’m a very out going and kind person who makes one hell of a friend. I’m loyal, respectful, and trustworthy. I adore animals, (horses are my passion), and art. I like to paint, draw, write and read. I’m a professional when it comes to binge watching movies/Tv shows and enjoy lazy days aside from my normal active life. My family doesn’t travel a lot, so I plan to do a lot of traveling when I’m done with high school. (Also I’m homeschooled so I can talk pretty much whenever.) I’ve studied Spanish for 2 years so I know the basics and am decently fluent. I know some sign language but want to learn more.

Contact info:
Snapchat: jade.baksic
Kik: jadebaksic18
Instagram: jadebaksic
Tumblr: selflovinq

I hope to meet some new friends!??

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