Name: My name is Nicole but everyone is calling me Nici.

Age: 18

Location: Germany!

Likes: I really love reading books like It’s Kind of a Funny Story and watching movies (mostly horror). I also enjoy watching anime and youtube. 

I’m travelling a lot through the world and this year I fulfill my dream and flew to Japan for 3 weeks. My addiction is playing games and fangirling about stuff no one likes lol I’m a huge fan of Bioshock and memes btw. Shows I watch are Skins UK, Hannibal, OITNB, Narcos, Mr.Robot and my favorite movie is Spirited Away even if it isn’t horror at all.

Dislikes: Negative people, people who stop writing after a short time

Looking for: I’d love to write some cute letter and stuff. I don’t care how old you are or where you come from. 

You can contact me through
My Tumblr:
My twitter: nici0325
My instagram: n0325_
My email adress: falsexmemory @ gmail . com 

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