Hey, My name is Cheyenne (aka adecadoubledecker on tumblr), I just turned 17, I’m from England and I want more friends! Which actually kinda sounds weird to me I don’t know why… 

Anyway, up until a few months ago, I was okay with being the loner type, I enjoyed solitude, revelled in it but ever since I started sixth form college and made more friends than I ever thought I would (Never thought I’d have more than one person who was actually willing to talk to me), I feel super lonely whenever I don’t get to talk to them. I would elaborate but I think I should keep this short and sweet.

So my interests… I think my tumblr could give you a fairly good idea but I like Japanese culture (so much so that I am learning the language), the unique and random, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, punk rock and indie music, gaming, reading, drawing and I think that’s all I can think of at this moment in time. I know, I’m a geek but I’m proud 😀

As I’m busy, as well as poor and slightlylazy, I’d prefer not to do the whole snail mail thing and I don’t mind talking on Tumblr but since I seem to never have enough mobile data, I think email or Line is the best.

I’d prefer to have pen pals who are male (because I went to a girls’ school and I want to “expose” myself more to the opposite gender since I have somehow ended with mostly female friends despite being in a mixed gender college) and from England (time differences and ish) but I don’t mind other people coming to talk to me too 🙂

So here’s my Line ID: erza-scarlet
(I used to really like Fairy Tail)
And my email address: cheychey33 @ gmail. com
I have snapchat and instagram too!

Look forward to hearing from ya! (Oh and I thought I’d mention that I swear like a sailor but I can cut back for those who don’t like it.)

P.S. Can’t believe I almost forgot about this. I will only respond to those who are 16 – 20 years old.

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