Name: Siiri
Age:  29
Location: Finland
Languages: Finnish, English, Japanese, Swedish

Hi I’m Siiri (my existence predates the app ok), I’m 29 years old and I live in Finland. I’ve also previously lived in Japan and am in the process of moving back there soon to be with my boyfriend happily ever after. I work as a Japanese language teacher/translator, and I’m kind of in love with languages. Watching youtube videos in languages I don’t even understand calms me down and cheers me up. At the moment I’m teaching myself Arabic and Mongolian, albeit failing miserably.

I like daydreaming, cloud gazing, animals, kissing, playlists, the smell of stone cellars and parking halls, going out, staying at home, video games, books, looking at things, touching things, wine, soap bubbles, writing, crying, mountains, hot springs, Nordic summer nights, Japanese festivals, dresses, embarrassing dance moves, windows, giving my Sims silly names, puddles, raincoats, picking berries, live shows, cinema, slam poetry, drag queens, and brass bands.

My current obsessions include Norway, Arabic, the tv show Skam, Blood Orange, Mashrou’ Leila (they’re a band from Lebanon, you should give them a try), dungaree dresses, and the colour mustard.

I like people but I’m super shy and clumsy and kind of awkward. I’d like to find someone new to talk to, be it on tumblr or via letters or what have you. I’m pretty open to all forms of communication. People of all ages and locations are welcome as long as you don’t consider me too old or too young, though please be warned that I may drool over you creepily if you’re Norwegian

My email is icouldburstamillionbubbles @
but you can also contact me on my tumblr, which is ♥ ♥ 

Thank you & have a nice day.

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