International Pen Pals!


Name: Garry 

Age: 22

Gender: Male 

Language(s): English, understand but can’t speak Spanish & Italian. 

Location: California, US 

Interests & hobbies: I pride myself in how many activities I enjoy but time doesn’t let me enjoy them all the same. Multi-sport athlete through high school and college, have unfinished art degree (that’s a story in itself), work at a brokerage firm, enjoy traveling and often road trip with my buddies on the weekend all over California, photographer and artist, I collect unique socks & vinyl records, I attend many festivals and concerts (indie/alternative), bulldog owner, love all type of music, pretty well read but not a philosopher by an means, quirky and down to earth, often called old soul’d, friends call me Gare! I plan on taking a year off (2017-2018) to travel the world via backpacking or leisure travel.

What I wish for in a pen pal: Having a unique interest in photography and art myself, someone who shares the same interests would be awesome! Preferably international pals. I’d enjoy sharing stories, past experiences, future aspirations, or general in depth conversations. I don’t have any preferences in sex, religion, gender, age etc.. so If your a genuine person I’ll talk to you haha. I want to eventually get to using snail mail since I travel a lot and would like to share some things I come across with you.

Contact: message me directly on here or facebook-Garry Jenkins, Instagram- @_jenksss (account was hacked so no photos are currently up. Look at my tagged to know I’m a real person), email-, Snapchat- @jenks.Garry

Hope to hear from you

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