Looking for a Pen Pal!


Hi, I’m Nak! I am 20 and I live in the wonderful little state of Vermont! I am a psychology major with a gender studies minor. I am queer (insert rainbow flag).

My hobbies include baking and cooking (recipe swaps would be fun), Netflix (the Office, Parks and Rec, Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice, Sherlock…and more), reading (always taking book recs or would love to do a book swap).  I love crafting and pinterest is my downfall. I want to travel to all 50 US states and visit all the continents. 

I’m super into LGBTQIA+ rights and intersectional feminism. I am also a big advocate for those with mental illness – including myself.

i’m looking to talk to new people and spread the snail mail love. I would love to do swaps – either tangible item or lists and recommendations. 


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