Looking for a penpal!


Hi everyone, My name is Nikki and I’m 18 years old. I live in the Netherlands and I study aerospace engineering. 

My hobbies are watching series (Sherlock (omg a new season is coming out), Oprhan Black, some anime), reading books and listening to music (really everything this day) and fashion. I also love to dance, like go all out, however I’m not that good at dancing. Although I do want to take lessons to learn salsa dancing in the holidays. I also love cooking and since I’m a student I cook everyday, so I’d like to exchange recipes and other stuff :). In my spare time I also swim for competition and I joined a rowing society.

I don’t like racism, sexism or any kind of hateful talking. What I do like is chitchatting about everything possible :). 

Fun fact: I am really clumsy to the point I accidentally cycled into a carbage can and put my debit card into a mailbox.

I’d love to email with someone (gender doesn’t matter, 18-25) and later on maybe exchange things :). 

My email is kamphuisnikki @ live.nl

I hope to speak to you soon!!

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