Hey there! 😀 I’m James, 17, from England and I’m a language nerd. Any language and I’m up for learning it! However, I do prefer a few more than others like : French, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Dutch.

I am able to speak French to a certain level donc pour ceux qui sont françaises, peut-etre je suis l’un pour toi si tu veux apprendre l’anglais :D?

However the other languages I aren’t that great at. In fact, some I don’t even know. 

I like the usual things, gaming… binge watching Netflix and anime until my ice cream has disappeared.. Cruising through my A-Levels of French, Photography and Media Studies wishing they weren’t existing… like I said.. the usual 😛

The person who I am searching for is someone who wouldn’t mind helping me with their native language but someone who is looking for a potential life long friendship 😀

I’m a pretty cool bubbly guy who’s probs a bit awkward at the beginning but Hey Ho! who isn’t let’s be honest! I’m sure it won’t last long 😀

P.S I’m Gay


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