I tend to be out of the age range of nearly all of these posts, so I thought I would post in the hopes of finding people willing to write to me at my age. So onwards! o/

My name is Aimee, and I’m 29 from Texas.

I like SO MANY things. I’m basically a really, really big awkward nerd. So it’s hard to list a few things when you have so many. Just off the top: Firefly, Star Trek/Wars, Camping, Aquariums, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Outlander, Paintball, Historical Documentaries, FFXIV, Overwatch, Skyrim, PC/PS4 games in general, Board Games, MTG, M.A.S.H (the show not the movie)Alfredo Pizza, Korean Music/Dramas, Art, Journaling, Reading, old BBC shows, and just really so much more that could be saved for letters. If you’re a fellow nerd of just about anything we might be kindred spirits. My life is pretty unexciting though, so don’t expect thrilling adventures. 

I am interested in SNAIL MAIL ONLY. It would be nice to just relax and write out a letter. Who doesn’t like receiving mail? With letters I can reply at my leisure and I feel I could make them more thoughtful or personal. I procrastinate when it comes to emails and instant messengers on a horrible scale. XD I have zero age preferences besides 18+. I will write to anyone and everyone if given the chance. I’ll even be the first one to write if that makes you comfortable. Regular letters, art/creative, or small/snack packages in the future. US or International. The only language I speak fluently is English. Although I would be super happy to find Korean pen pals to practice with or to trade books in each others languages. That would just be a bonus I wasn’t intending to look for. (Sorry this was so long, I’m just really an anxious person.) 

E-Mail: a.jentzen@ yahoo . com

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