I’ve submitted a few time to this site! So here I am again!! 

My name is Claire, I am 17 years old, and I live on the east coast of the USA.

My email is clairethebear . steph @ gmail . com .

I like shopping, doing things right, having a chance to do a do over, dogs, indie music, show tunes, 80s hip hop, current r&b, soul, and like basically I’ll listen to everything. I like art and movies but not in the horror genre. I like watching youtube videos – family vloggers, beauty gurus, amateur comedians, and diy-ers. I like writing and talking but I’m usually alone in “real life”. I use sarcasm occasionally and air quotes. I love thrifting and working out.

I dislike bugs, scary moments, negative people, anxiety, crying, vomit, tornadoes, pain, car accidents, fire, and like a lot of other stuff. 

I do snail mail. I have made sooo many great friends through sending mail and creating art for each other. I don’t really want to do messaging on the internet, but I’m open to it. 

I speak English really really well, but I do understand basic French, which is like a huge achievement in my life at the moment. I expect you to put effort into the conversation and like don’t leave the conversation one-sided, please! And I’d very much appreciate no one over 20 years old to contact me. You need to be kind and it’d be super cool if we had some of the same interests and some different interests.

Random fact: I dumped an entire water bottle in my book bag as an excuse to get out of class early. And then another day it happened on accident and I ruin three textbooks. (wowwww this is not that cool of a random fact…sorry…I’m kinda cool though!..)

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