Hi! Seeking pen pal(s) in the UK~


Name: Sarah
Age: 23
Pronouns: she/her
Location: New York City, USA
Language: English

Hi! I study film theory and history, and spend most of my time trying to watch every movie under the sun. I promise I’m not too much of a snob! I also weave; have recently started a personal British lit project, but I also read British history, and nature and travel guides; take six-hour long walks around the city; eat corn nuts like there’s no tomorrow; and I have cats that I love a lot a lot a lot.

Seeking: Snail mail pen pals because stationary is lifeee! I love hand-written letters, small packages or parcels, mix tapes, art, etc. Something about having something human in the mail besides bills makes me the happiest I can be. I am primarily seeking a pen pal in Great Britain or Ireland. I am of course open to pen pals from other places abroad (particularly Asia and Europe), so feel free to say hi! 🙂

Reach me at my email: ghiblix @ yahoo . com ♥
IG – @sarahjbean

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