Howdy howdy~! My name is Kat! I’m a bubbly female from the USA (Massachusetts to be exact!). I’m 18, 19 in February and I have decided it’s about time to start finding people I can write letters to besides just myself~ 

  • I like sci fi and fantasy a lot~ I’m very artsy (I love to doodle, paint, journal, write, sing, act, craft, take photos…)

I’m looking for a penpal of any sort, really! I don’t mind email, tumblr messenger, snail mail, art exchange, all is welcome! Also, if it is a physical thing like snail mail, I can’t really afford to send out of country at the moment but if it’s over the internet, I’d love anyone who can hold a convo and doesn’t mind me rambling like I am right now! I can try for packages but no guarantee how often I can send them!

I don’t mind genders or anything but I would like to keep the age range from 18-26 please! 

  • An interesting fact about me… hmmm… I’ve met 10K from Z nation! Nat Zang is the actor’s name and he was at RI Comic Con the year I almost went dressed as him 😀

Feel free to contact me!
Email: misskittiemae @ gmail. com

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