Looking for a Pen Pal!


Hello All! My name is Cheyenne, I am 19 years old and searching for a pen pal to write and send things too! I like in Ohio, US and have my whole life. I currently am attending college, studying Gerontology, with a specialization in Long Term Care Adminstration, meaning I desire to be a Nursing Home Administrator! Odd concept to study but I love my major. 

I am looking for a pen pal who would be interested in sending cute snail-mail letters and possibly small packages. I would prefer someone between the ages of 18 and 20 so that we can talk about similar subjects and relate to life experiences. I only speak English, so that is a necessity. 

I am interested in music, art, crafting and really anything! I am a member of Phi Sigma Pi, the co-ed national honors fraternity and it would be cool to find someone who also is, but it’s fine if you’re not! 

If you’re interested, e-mail me at cwurm @ bgsu.edu !!! I hope to find a pen pal soon! 

P.S. My Tumblr account is loveandotherperishableitems.tumblr.com/ if you wanted to look at it. 

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