Aloha!! My name is Blaine and i’m a 21 year old Asexual from Honolulu, Hawaii (US) and a senior at University of Hawaii at Manoa. (I promise i’m not as scary as I look, that’s a photo from Halloween when I was a vampire).

I’m looking for a snail mail, messaging buddy, skype buddy and someone to exchange packages with! (Especially with Christmas coming up)

Preferably someone ages 18-26, no gender preference! 

I have two wonderful penpals that I met here and I would like to make more friends abroad

Someone to exchange cultural packages or postcards with!

Facts about me:

  • I have been studying Japanese for 8 years, I can get by but not super confident about it
  • I love traveling, i’ve been to Japan and Israel and in May i’ll be in Scotland, Ireland and England! I’ve also wanted to travel to places like India, France, Italy and other places in Europe
  • I am a movie junkie, I love 80’s movies like Grease and Breakfast Club, also TV shows like Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock. I am a diehard Harry Potter fan (Slytherin!), also Lord of the Rings, and Dan and Phil on Youtube are my favorites 
  • Makeup is slowly taking over my life, I spend a lot of my time procrastinating on homework and watching makeup reviews on Youtube instead haha
  • I love going to the beach, but i’m wayyyyy too pale to go during the day so I go at night!
  • I try to be healthy, but sometimes McDonald’s just calls to me (more often than I like)
  • Polaroids and Photography are one of my hobbies!

Fun Fact: I love the holidays and celebrating/decorating for them but as I live in someplace tropical, i’ve never seen snow or autumn so i’d love to see photos!

Contact info: I prefer to be contacted via tumblr 
but I can also be reached at my email blainej @


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