Looking for a pen pal


Name: Lauren
Age: 24
Location: Plano, Texas
Diagnosis: ADD, dysthymia (severe and long lasting depression), anxiety (and social anxiety), panic attacks

Interests/hobbies: I love arts and crafts (I spend way too much time on Pinterest). I’m a huge nerd, I love watching sci-Fi and playing video games. (Even if I suck at them!) I like watching movies and tv shows. And I’m a hopeless romantic. And I love dogs 🙂

Music: I like a little bit of everything (rock, classic, pop, etc). Currently I’m on a country kick. I love Zac Brown Band!

Tv shows/movies: SuperWhoLock, lots of other sci-fis. And rom-coms. I go through phases 🙂 but I’ve always loved Disney-Pixar.

What I’m looking for in a pen pal: I would love to write and receive letters. We can start by emailing until we’ve introduced ourselves, then exchange addresses. I would love to have someone to talk to, and listen to. And getting mail always makes your day better 🙂

Contact: email me at lgoldstein22@gmail.com

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