NAME : Maya

AGE : 17

LOCATION : Illinois, USA

DIAGNOSIS : recovered from an eating disorder for 2 years (but of course I still have my moments), Bipolar, Anxiety, and Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies. In the past I have also struggled with self harm and hallucinations so I can relate to that as well.

INTERESTS : I’m an artist who also loves math, like I seriously love math. I love to draw and am currently in art classes at school. I have 3 dogs and i made an Instagram for them. I also Foster dogs for a no kill animal rescue. I’m planning to go to college in Atlanta for business but I’m also really passionate about issues with the prison system and love to learn about social justice and civic issues.

MUSIC : EVERYTHING 90’s , but also Ed Sheeran, Fleetwood Mac, The Script when I’m really sad, and also I listen to pop music only in the car. I will listen to about everything though.

TV / MOVIES : I’m currently binge watching House M.D., but I like Orange is the New Black, American Horror Story, Kate Plus Eight, My Big Fat Fabulous Life, and weird documentaries on prisons.

PEN PAL PREFERENCES : I understand everybody struggles some times but I would prefer people who are actively working towards recovery. I have come very far and would love to have someone who can relate to sometimes having relapse but won’t be triggering. I’m looking for someone who really wants to be a friend, preferably from the US or Illinois.

CONTACT : tumblr , but I prefer email because I check it more regularly.

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