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Name: Jackie
Age: 30
Location: USA
Diagnosis: Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, Panic, Trichillimania, paranoia, PTSD, Insomnia… the list goes on and on

Interests: Im a huge bookworm, I love spending time with my family. My puppy is my baby. I have a masters in graphic design. I like to write letters, draw and color.

Music: I dont listen to music. I know its weird but my ears are very sensitive and music drives me insane

TV/Movies: I hate watching tv unless its very quiet and even then I just rather it not be on. my favorite movie is beauty and the beast

Looking for in a pen pal? Someone with bipolar disorder, 25 or older. I am on medication and go to therapy regularly. I have coping mechanisms but I dont know a lot of people with bipolar and Id like an email pen pal

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