Hey peeps,
I’m Tjaša, 16 years old, from Slovenia. In my free time, I enjoy watching tv series, movies and youtubers, reading, writing poems and stories, hanging out with my friends, cuddling with my cat, and listening to music. I also love learning new languages and meeting people from all around the world. I want to travel across the globe once I finish uni 😀

– tv series: Supernatural, Game of Thrones, How to get away with murder, Friends, Shameless US
– movies: psychological trillers, comedies, rom-coms, romances … 
– books: 
contemporary and dystopian fiction
– music:
 I like all kinds of music. Some of my faves are Jamie Lawson, James Bay, and Ed Sheeran.
– OTPs: cockles, destiel, larry, phan, gallavich, coliver

As for my pen pal, I’d prefer someone between 14 and 20 years old, gender & sexuality don’t matter. I prefer snail mail and post cards rather than chatting through emails or other social sites like facebook etc. I’d love to talk to you about any of my previously listed faves or just our lives in general (I love listening to other people’s life stories – in a non creepy way, lol)

You can contact me on my blog 🙂

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