Looking for penpals


Christina, 27, Missouri United States. 

I have been diagnosed with major depressive  disorder, Generalized anxiety disorder, ptsd, borderline personality disorder, ocd. 

I love to read and watch tv. Go on hikes. I love movies and music. I’m a pretty simple girl. I’m an introvert and slowly becoming agoraphobic so I don’t go outside much.

I’m just looking for someone to communicate with. Let me share my problems and stuff and get advice or sympathy. I’d like to also talk about good stuff, interests and all that. If you’re in another country or state, I’ll ask about your culture, I love other people’s culture and everything. I want to be the same to my penal, they can come to me to talk and vent. I’m a great listener. 

Email is cemorie11@gmail.com but I prefer snail mail. The art of a hand written letter is long forgotten. 

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