Sup friendos, my name is JJ (That does stand for somthing) I’m 23, a 4th year Art student (minoring in Illustration and Art History). I’m a huge dork, I work in a candy store, I’m a powerlifter, and I have an affinity for anything spooky (I love me some monsters and creatures, hoooo boy)

My interests are kind of all over the place, so I’ll try to add a few to some categories LET’S GO

  • Books: I read whenever I can (haha thanks school) but I can say my favorite books usually have to do with fantasy or Sci-Fi. Jim Butcher’s: Dresden Files, Robin Hobb’s: Rainwilds Chronicles (yaaas dragons). Also here’s my nerd side: Stephen Hawking : Complete Illustrated History of time/Universe in Nutshell. Chris Hadfield: Astronaut’s guide to life on Earth.
  • Comics /Manga: EYESHIELD 21 IS MY FAV MANGA. Incredible Hulk, Deadpool, HELLBOY… Homestuck?????
  • Shows: I don’t get to watch a lot, but I do quite enjoy Doctor Who, Sherlock, Hannibal, AND TMNT (2003 version is hella rad, hommies)
  • and boy do I love the anime. Favorite is Gurren Lagann. Parasite the Maximum, Durarara, Mushi-shi, Haikyuu and Princess Jellyfish are others I enjoy!
  • Movies: anything horror is my calling. Favorites have to be Babadook and Mama. Others that are in my top picks are: Moulin Rouge, Les Miserables (I watch these two back to back. Makes homework super enjoyable), Pleasantville, Secret Life of Walter Mitty….
  • Music: I listen to a lot of stuff??? My main loves are usually close to what you’d hear in Fallout. Let’s just say anything from the 20’s-80’s (Swing, blues, jazz, disco are huge loves). Also a fan of Indie, Folk and POWER METAL
  • Games: lots of the Final Fantasy games, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Undertale (omg, I know), Shadow of the Colossus, To the Moon, Dragon’s Dogma, Fallout 3… just to list a few!

My main interests in gaining a penpal is to gain a friend. I love to share knowledge and life experience. I’m known to talk and ramble a lot. I’m extremely cool with using letters as a place to vent as well as confess your fears. I believe though vulnerability you can learn truths about yourself and you can experience true love and acceptance.

Please be someone who is accepting and open minded. I strongly believe in nurture vs nature, so I like to give people benefit of the doubt. Ill never jump to conclusions about you, but i might ask if i have questions. Complete honesty and open communication can forge the strongest of friendships!

Ok, I sound like a bleeding heart. I’d love to make some cool pals

Also, expect art and disgusting drawings of my hairless cat Mortimer

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