About me: My name is Megan, and I’m looking for a female pen pal in or outside the United States. I’m 20, soon to be 21. Someone who I can get to know and share things with and send pictures/ presents back and forth. Somewhere between the 18 to 30 age mark. I can only speak and read English. I’m an only child but my best friend has lived with me since we were 14. I live in North Carolina. I’m a really happy upbeat person who is great at listening and giving advice as well.

Interest: I work and retail and graduated college last year. I love animals in general, but I really love cats and otters. I really love scary movies, and video games. I’m really into fashion and make up as well. I love deep conversations and really exploring people’s brain. I love hearing about people’s everyday life and their habits. I write and read poetry and my boyfriend is really into drawing art. I love music of all kinds. My favorite is dub/electronic, rap, and alternative. I recently have started going to lots of music festivals. I have piercings and tattoos. I also love to dye my hair. I’m pretty 90’s in all retrospect tho.

Favorite things: the walking dead, American horror story, parks and recreation, hairless cats, Mac and cheese, nirvana, exploring religions, beautiful pictures and small trinkets, zoos.

Hobbies: festivals, biking, throwing wild parties, playing badminton, photography, writing, winged eye liner, making bracelets, spending time with my squad.

Contact me on here through message (megweezy69) or through email at megancox555@gmail.com

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