Name: Chloe 

Age: 17 (18 in january)

location: Las Vegas Nevada USA

Diagnosis: borderline traits, severe clinical depression, severe generalize anxiety, a few others that I’m not okay talking of 

Interests: I love Doctor Who, photography, writing, reading and sleeping

Music: I love all music except some rap and electric dance music 

TV shows/movies: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Bitten, True Blood, 50 First Dates, anything Disney or Pixar  

Looking for: I’m looking for someone who’s not judgmental or doesn’t care abut what I’m feeling, someone that understands you can have no reason at all for feeling the way you do but you feel it. I want someone positive so they can be some thing productive in my life. I’m always around negative people. Just cause I want positive doesn’t mean i wont listen to your bad times cause i will. I’m the kindest most caring person i know. If you ever need a pick me up I’ll be there even if we barely talk.

Contact: Kik @glowbear1


skype @chloelovesyewyayew 

please use one of these to get my address for snail mail too

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