Who loves sending and receiving postcards out there?


Hello there! The name is Anissa and I’ve been a snailmail lover for a long time, trying out different kinds of penpaling experiments, but I’ve recently gotten hooked on postcards swaps/postcrossing!

I’d love to find postcards pals – there’s no greater feeling than getting home to a full mailbox and beautiful pictures of far off and unknown places is there?

Name: Anissa

Age: 25 and a half !

Country: France

Languages: French, English

Looking for: Postcards swaps of all kind, I’d have all countries/people/gender…I’ll only ask for people to be over 21 since I am older than that myself 🙂 (my, my, I am getting old aren’t I? 😉 )

Likes: I love all kind of postcards, landscapes/funny quotes/artistic renditions of places/interesting sights/seasonal greetings…all of these and more are delightful!

Dislikes: Nothing I dislike about postcards! Send anything you deem of interest and I’ll be delighted to read you!

If you have special requirements, I’ll try to match them as best as can, but please keep in mind that I pick these postcards wherever I can find them -so it might be difficult to find very specific items :/

tumblr: postcardslover.tumblr.com/
email: postcardsloverfromFrance @ gmail. com
instagram: postcardsloverfromFrance

Hope to hear from you guys soon! All the love!

Fun fact: I’ve began collecting stamps around the age of 9 or 10 y-o…and I have been into collecting every and all things ever since!

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