Name: Caitlin

Age: 22

Location: San Diego, CA

Diagnosis: Depression & Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Interests/Hobbies: Making coffee, reading long books, procrastinating, watching all the movies, doodling monsters, and riding my bike around town.

Music: Cry yourself to sleep jams, folk punk, hardcore punk and Tegan and Sara.

TV Shows/Movies: This is England, Wristcutters: A Love Story, Naked Lunch, Existenz, But I’m a Cheerleader, Chasing Amy, The L Word, Last Week Tonight and American Horror Story.

What you are looking for in a penpal?: Some who comfortable talking about their depression or other illnesses without being afraid of judgement. I will never do something like that. I also want to feel like I can do the same. I will send you cute doodles and lil things I find and think are interesting. I will probably write about movies I’ve seen or things I’ve read as well as things pertaining to my depression. I do smoke weed on the regular and will probably go off on silly amusing tangents in my letters. The last thing I am looking for in a pen pal is someone who is comfortable with the lgbt community. 

Tumblr: queer4coffee
Instagram: coffeeandveggies

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