Looking for a pen pal


The place for Penpals helped me to find some grat penpals, but many of them stoped replaying 🙁 So I’m looking for a penpal once more (just one this time, sorry!)

Soooo…. My name is Inga. I am 21yo student from Lithuania.

I am looking fo snail mail penpal. 18+ please. Any gender (I do have a boyfriend, however, so don’t bother to contact me if your goal is to flirt). I’d prefere someone from Europe, for ability to exchange letters in shorter time period. But, well, if you’re not from Europe and really fell like exchanging snail mail with me – contact me 🙂 I’m looking for someone actually willing to exchange more than two letters, I’M LOOKING FOR LONG-TERM FRIEND!

I have various hobbies, but mostly watching TV dramas and browsing internet (lol). I also do some crafts, such as cross-stiching. I am movies enthusiast and a big fantasy lover ^^ I draw a little, I’m not too good, but I always try to make my letters look cute ^^ Anyway, contact me if you’re interested, ask anything 🙂 

How to reach me: butuxe @ gmail . com  
but I prefere to be contacted thru tumblr = ingemeow.tumblr.com/

Random fact about me: I am kind of perverted person, but I’ve never read 50 shades of gray, nor I’ve seen the movie.

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