Hello there!
I am a 25 year old Floridian native. My name is Ginni, pronounced JIN-E. My name is very often misspelled and pronounced incorrectly. I have lived in Florida my entire life. I haven’t had the chance to venture out and explore past the state line yet. While one of the biggest draw backs of living here is the amount of retirees, it’s still a very beautiful place once you get off the beaten path. 
I have had a few pen pals in the past, and unfortunately have lost contact information for a few during a move last year. Which is why I am currently looking for a few more people to start writing to. I am a very open minded person and laid back. My only request is that you be around my age. Location, sexuality, gender, religion, none of it matters to me one bit. Just be a good person. I see that reliability is a big concern for many people, rightly so. I am a very reliable pen pal. Once I receive your letter I’ll write back usually within the week. 
So, a little about myself – 
I’m a pretty normal person, I apologize if that’s boring. I dabble around with photography when I’m able. I enjoy writing. I’m very much into music. My taste widely varies. I listen to everything. I am open to any recommendations. I collect vinyls. While my collection is a bit small right now I am always working on expanding it. I watch quite a bit of TV and movies on the weekends. I really enjoy older shows and movies, like The Marx Brothers or Fred Astaire movies. But I also watch quite a bit of “newer” shows as well. My DVR is currently set to record Supernatural, Grimm, The Librarians, American Horror Story, The Curse of Oak Island, Star Trek (original series), Expedition Unknown, and more. I’m a big Star Trek fan. 
I also have a slight…well huge obsession with books. I’ll read anything that sparks my interest. Though I have special place in my heart for classic literature. My spare bedroom has actually been turned into a library. I’m always open for book recommendations as well. 
I really enjoy the simple things in life. I’m just looking for someone to write to about anything really. It’s very interesting learning about someone’s life, culture, and personality. Everyone has a story to tell. So if I haven’t bored you to tears yet and you’re interested in starting up a correspondence just shoot me a message me on my page – 
Hope to hear from you soon.

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