Hello hi how are you people tonight/today? Currently as I write this i’m listening to The Kills so forgive me If I’m not very articulate my mind is elsewhere. My name is Eric and I’m 21.

I’m looking for a Skype friend, email buddy, and If I can manage it a pen pal. For the past three months of my life it’s been a living hell and I’ve been suffering from a depressive state that I’m just now beginning to get out of, but we all now how hard that may be. My depression was onset by my…well you can learn about that later one day when we are talking.

I think it would do wonders to my ego, confidence, social skills, and make me a hell of a lot happier to just have a consistent conversation with someone who wants actually wants to talk to me and isn’t just saying that because they have to. 

Just if  any person is wondering I love Australians and I love people from England plus Germany. I’d love to just share my thoughts with someone again and just get to know someone. I’m a huge nerd for anything geeky. I love film and photography. I’m very interested in relearning French and learning some German. I’m currently in my last year of college where i’m studying video production. I’m pro just about every person imaginable because while i don’t like the label i’m a pan-sexual & an asexual. I’m just about as the next person the most caring kind idiot who considers himself a good man who selflessly puts others ahead of himself every time. I don’t care what you are or what you believe to me you’re a person first.

My interests are:

Music: The Kills, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Muse, Daft Punk, Lorde, Adele, Trocadero, Pink Floyd, Queen, and a whole lot of other artists

TV: I’ve seen too many good shows to recount them all now, but Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, New Girl, Gravity Falls, Parks and Rec, etc. 

Movies: Right now i’m rewatching the Star Wars series but like movies i’ve seen way to many good ones. Some examples are Moon, Pleasantville, U-571, Kingsman, Star Trek, Her, Love Actually, etc. 

I dislike any kind of person who can’t talk back and hold a conversation it’s infuriating so please don’t do that to me, or leave me immediately like i’m shit. I don’t like being forgotten either and I have my reasons for that. 

If any person, especially if you are English, Australian, German, or even French, were to talk to me you would not regret a minute of it and would expect more affection and love than you can handle from someone because it’s really not for me it’s for you. 

Email: ejchervinko@bulldogs.barton.edu
Skype: Imperio115

Tumblr: not-moved-by-it.tumblr.com (alternate tumblr on request) 

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